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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nanos Family

Here is a short update on the Nanos Family.
In January we took a trip with Cari to visit New York. It was a short trip to see the sites so we were on the move! Times square was awesome and Garrett even got to go ice skating in Rockerfeller center. He even tried to help little Matthew ice skate! Of course traveling with Cari we had to see the Statue of Liberty - that was a must. We saw the massive hole where the World Trade Center used to be.
I took my kids on a short cruise to Ensenada / Catalina this past Easter break. This was really nice for us to get away together as a family. With us all moving in different directions sometimes it can be so hard to connect. Cortney's boyfriend Gabe went with us. You may remember him from Lou's funeral. Gabe played the guitar and sang "Amazing Rain" a take-off on Amazing Grace.
We just got through the one year make of Lou's death. It is so hard to be without him as he was our hero. We went through so much to get to where we were and our last few years together were fabulous! We came so far! I am glad that we were able to show our kids that marriage and family are a commitment the you work through together.
We wil be camping again this summer. We will be in Temecula for Memorial Day, Big Bear in June, our annual week long trip up north to Big Sur in July and a local trip up Azusa Canyon in August!
I will fill you in on the kids on the next "blog" I don't want this to turn into a novel! Love you all!

Bragging about Matt

Hi All! Matt posted a little something about himself a few days ago, and in it he mentioned he had auditioned for entry to the very highly-esteemed music school, Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachussettes. Well, he FINALLY got word last Friday that he has been accepted! Hurray!

And not only that, on Monday night he received ANOTHER message that not only had he been accepted, but that he had been offered a $7000 scholarship based on his guitar-playing abilities! And the scholarship renews every year, so it's not just $7000, it's actually $28,000!! That's amazing!

Of course, Berklee is a very high-cost private school, so we've got a long way to go to see if he will be able to come up with enough financial aid to cover him, but either way, just being accepted to this school is quite an honor - getting a scholarship based on your skills is even MORE of an honor.

Congrats to Matt! And wish him luck on getting this last-miunte financial aid settled!!

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Monday, May 21, 2007


Sorry, I am Uncle Steve's oldest daughter, I am the middle child. Sorry!

Hello everyone!

It's me Erin. Uncle Steve's oldest (just a reminder) and the 2nd born grandaughter of the family! I am still living in Winnemucca, Nevada. I work at the Red Lion as Asst FrontDesk/ Room Revenue Manager. I just finished up the semester at Great Basin Community College. I will be finished next semester with my AA in Criminal Justice. I am really excited but I havn't decided what I'm gonna do after school yet.
The picture is with my bro, Sean, when I visited Bishop, CA in April.
Hope all is well with everyone! Talk to you later!

This is my colt/stallion, Roo. This was taken shortly after I got him and he was about 4 months old. He is much bigger now and somewhat overpowers me. He is a quarterhorse, and he is called a buckskin dun. He is a real character. I am currently in the process of looking for a buyer for him because I am seriously considering moving back to California due to the desintegration of my marriage. I hope that things will work out but I have to find homes for all my animals before I can leave. I will send more pics when i get them downloaded.

Love to all of you. BTW, this was taken over a year ago.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I need help.

Can someone please tell me how I can post pictures to the blog. I can't seem to bring up my pictures from the computer. Thanks Deb

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, James!

Just a quick announcement that today is James Garren's 25th birthday!

Happy birthday James!

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